SCMRC Researcher Spotlight: Mirzokhidjon Abdurakhmonov

As a land-grant, academic institution, research is the cornerstone of thought leadership   and our world-class faculty and affiliates are committed to delivering research outcomes which advance knowledge and understanding of all aspects of the supply chain, including public policy, regulations and economic policy.

This Research Spotlight is Mirzokhidjon Abdurakhmonov is a Ph.D. candidate in the Management Department at Walton College of Business.

Born in Uzbekistan, a country in the heart of Central Asia, Abdurakhmonov has his MBA from Henderson State University while his bachelor’s degree is in Economics from Hawaii Pacific University in Honolulu.

“Since I went to graduate school in Arkansas, I knew about the research potential of Walton College of Business” said Abdurakhmonov. “When I was thinking of pursuing my Ph.D., Walton College was the obvious choice.”

“My research focuses on two areas of strategic management—firm-government interaction and strategic leadership, with the ultimate goal of bridging them to gain a more nuanced understanding of each,” said Abdurakhmonov. “At the core of both research streams lies the salience of agency – individual characteristics and motives – for organizational outcomes.”

Abdurakhmonov’s research is necessary because he is in the business of moving the frontiers of knowledge beyond what we already know. Staying active in research communities not only helps academics to advance overall expertise in the field but also allows incorporating of some of this research into teaching.

“Students generally appreciate if a professor has the first-hand experience of the topics covered in class,” said Abdurakhmonov. “It allows an academic to be valued not only by his or her university but overall research community, which is important when attempting to establish success for his or her students.”

Research is overall beneficial to customers, business or policymakers in several ways. Abdurakhmonov has a three-step approach to discussing the vitality of research. First, it allows us to know about the intended and unintended effects of a specific phenomenon on the business environment or society overall.

“Since as customers, business people or policymakers, we indeed have a need to know what the effects of certain phenomena on the overall business environment and society are,” said Abdurakhmonov.

Second, customers always should be doing research to advance their interests or societal goals. Research supplies critical knowledge to satisfy these goals. Third, analysis allows policymakers to think through smart policies that deliver the best outcome for a society based on the insights from this research.

“Importantly, business people benefiting from the insights of this research may design the right strategies to achieve sustainable performance, which is critical both for them and their shareholders,” said Abdurakhmonov.

Currently, Abdurakhmonov is transitioning to be an Assistant Professor of Management at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. Beyond establishing himself as a respected academic and teacher at his new university, Abdurakhmonov’s goal is to continue contributing to the academic community in his research.

“My goal is advancing the research in firm-government interaction domain and delivering my knowledge to the researchers, business community, and policymakers interested in understanding how government impacts a firm’s strategy and structure,” said Abdurakhmonov.

Abdurakhmonov has collaborated on several research projects with fellow Walton College management faculty, Dr. Jason Ridge. They have two projects forthcoming; “Market Reactions to Non-Market Strategy: The Signaling Role of Congressional Testimony” at Strategic Management Journal and “When the Cat’s Away, the Mice will Play: A Model of Corporate Regulatory Compliance” at Journal of Managerial Issues.


Ridge, J., Ingram, A., Abdurakhmonov, M., Hasija, D. “Market Reactions to Non-Market Strategy: The Signaling Role of Congressional Testimony”; forthcoming at Strategic Management Journal.  

Abdurakhmonov, M., Bolton, J., Ridge, J. “When the Cat’s Away, the Mice will Play: A Model of Corporate Regulatory Compliance”; forthcoming at Journal of Managerial Issues.