EPIC Spotlight: Shane Canaday


Meet Shane Canaday, a senior in the supply chain department minoring in enterprise resource planning. Canaday is bilingual as well, speaking Mandarin since high school and placing first in the Fulbright Language Festival Chinese Speech Contest in the Elementary Division. Canaday has a passion for connecting with people across several platforms, whether it be bridging a language gap, giving back to the community he loves, or finding solutions in corporations.

Beginning at JB Hunt, Canaday held the position of Marketing Office Specialist, but found himself wanting to move more towards retail, so he transferred his skills to Walmart where he started as a Replenishment intern, then moved into being a Merchandising-Buyer intern in dry grocery, and currently works in business analytics for the bread department. (Talk about rising to the occasion.)

“The first summer I worked for Walmart I had a fantastic manager named Edwin Ortiz,” said Canaday. “He taught me that you can do a lot if you don’t care about who takes credit for it. That helped me put aside my pride to work with more diverse groups of people.”

Outside of corporations, Canaday pours his time into IFC Development where he assists in programming Greek life events around campus. Last semester, he initiated a student-led panel of upperclassmen from Greek life to answer lower classmen’s questions.

“Believe you can find something little to be passionate about, whether it’s in school or outside of campus,” said Canaday. “I genuinely enjoy working with others, in school or at work.”

Furthermore, Canaday hosted a personal finance seminar during his time on the IFC executive board, successfully teaching underclassmen how to manage their finances in college. Currently, Canaday reads to a class at Asbell Elementary School off Wedington every week, constantly engaging himself in helping others engage with the community as well. 

“As much as I love connecting with others, I find the most meaningful relationships to be with that of the next generation,” said Canaday. “We have to work hard now to ensure the next generation’s success.”

Between then and now, Canaday has held several positions on campus, the first being Event Operations for KA in April 2016 to Vice President of the Walton Honors Student Executive Board in March 2017 for a year. His longest leadership position was acting as Chief Marketing Officer for a non-profit organization called Natural Teeth, which lasted for nearly two years and ended in August 2018. 

“College taught me how to acquire and maintain a good work ethic, which I now apply to every part of my life,” said Canaday. “Without the Walton College, I wouldn’t be near as organized as I am today.”

When Canaday isn’t working or studying, you can find him outdoors hiking or attending a Razorback baseball game. His love of sports started in his hometown with the Kansas City Chiefs and now is able to attend college world series with his friends at the University of Arkansas. 

“Be present with not just the people you love, but also with those you are assisting.”

Canaday encourages people to apply for jobs above their qualification level. He looks up to his mother in this regard, who is also immersed in the supply chain. Currently, she works for Sprint in the procurement department. Canaday devotes a lot of who he has become to the team that has built him up, and the Walton College couldn’t be more than supportive of him in bringing him closer to his highest potential.

We are proud to have Shane Canaday as one of our EPIC Students!

Article Written By: Blair Carver, Communication Coordinator, SCMRC