EPIC Spotlight: Sarah Maupin


Originally from Wichita, Kansas, Sarah Maupin is a junior in the Walton College’s Supply Chain department with a minor in Information Systems. Her passion for supply chain primarily derives from her father who works for Cargill in the agriculture supply chain. 

He guided her into the field, and she jumped into supply chain management eager in finding solutions within transportation and logistics. She began an internship at J.B. Hunt’scorporate offices not long after choosing her new degree path. Sarah came to the U of A to study physical therapy, but she says “I realized chemistry wasn’t really my niche, but connecting with people was,” said Maupin.

Maupin held the position of a Customer Experience Intern for a year at J.B. Hunt, communicating directly with customers and scheduling trucks. She was required to pay close attention to the details she laid out on a day-to-day basis. 

“That’s how I knew the supply chain was for me; I wanted to connect the pieces and figure out solutions.”

Before working for J.B. Hunt, Maupin’s first internship was in logistics with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. She worked in her hometown of Wichita by networking with her sister in California to land the position. 

Maupin’s love for connecting with others led her to serve locally on campus in several student organizations. She is a member of Leadership Walton, Volunteer Action Center and Women Impacting Supply Chain Excellence. She is a sister of Alpha Delta Pi as well. 

Her newest role resides in the Arkansas Supply Chain Association (ASCA) as Vice President of Communication. The board recently switched in December, so she is taking over the management of their LinkedIn page as well as coordinating meetings with new board members.

When in need of inspiration, Maupin would think about Shelley Simpson, Executive Vice President, Chief Commercial Officer and President of Highway Services at J.B. Hunt. Shelley would speak at events and meetings with such passion for customers and their experiences, that it would spark inspiration for Sarah; “She really knows how to make you feel important and part of the team.”

Coming from a small school, Maupin was not as comfortable with getting involved in activities with a large group of people. She was always involved, but the supply chain department has allowed her to grow and become more comfortable with doing things that she hesitated to do before.

“Don’t just live, thrive! If you are existing with others, why not choose to celebrate existence with them? Learning to make that connection is vital.”

While she is currently focusing on her academics during her spring semester, Maupin plans on partaking in Kimberly Clark’s co-op program to diversify her experience in the workplace. She will be focusing on analytics work rather than communicating with customers like she was at J.B. Hunt. 

You can find Maupin either curling up with a good book or in the company of her friends on campus. 

We are proud to call Sarah Maupin an EPIC student!

Written By: Blair Carver, Supply Chain Management Research Center, Communication Coordinator