EPIC Spotlight: Matthew Evans


Growing up in a household that reassures your worth while simultaneously given freedom to travel equates to a successful individual eager to make a difference globally. This is the vision of Matthew Evans, a senior pursuing both economics and supply chain management as an undergraduate.

He is the recipient of the Boyer Fellowship, exclusively available to Sam M. Walton Honors students, based off of not only his academic achievements but his community engagement as well. Through his scholarship, Evans has been able to study abroad four different times through the University of Arkansas.

“My experiences studying abroad shaped me not only as an academic but also as a person,” said Evans. “What’s truly eye-opening is how adaptive you have to be in those different environments and then figuring out how to apply that adaptiveness to both situations at school and at work.”

 Evans has always embraced change, constantly pushing his limits and challenging himself to be the best version of himself possible. When he first entered the Walton College, Evans didn’t have a particular declaration until he entered Honors Introduction to Supply Chain with Terry Esper. Evans studied abroad in Panama in the summer of 2017 following his introductory course and his love for supply chain hasn’t weakened since.

“Being immersed in a business environment and having to get along with different crowds has taught me how to be flexible as both an economics and supply chain major,” said Evans. “The Walton College has provided an all-inclusive environment that allows me to work with people who represent those I’ll be working within the future.”

 His favorite moment in class happened in Honors Colloquium taught by Brian Fugate last semester. The entire semester consisted of being in contact with advisors of the Walton College, including Honors advisors, to enhance the experiences of students and solve real problems with viable solutions. Prior to the course, Evans was a Peer Mentor, helping incoming freshmen adjust to campus.

“I feel like my gift is truly with people. The Walton College has helped me develop social skills in ways I never thought college would.”

With his Economics degree, Evans founds himself teaching five different sections of Macroeconomics Supplemental Instruction under Robert Stapp’s supervision. Stapp acts as Evans’ mentor, taking him to the NMUN Conference in Canada to chatting over chopping down trees at his property in West Fork.

 “Professor Stapp showed me the importance of having a mentor that can be as much a friend as he can be a professional,” said Evans. “He’s very down to earth while also encouraging others to be the best version of themselves.”

 Evans advises everyone to live intentionally and never regret the decisions you choose to make, professionally or personally. He has accepted a job in Lowell at Transplace through a professional development program. He will be with them for two to three years, going from client to client and preparing to be in a management position.


 “Relax, slow down, and enjoy your time in college. It’s important to enjoy your freshman year because it is one of the most crucial years of development in college. Leave your room, go explore, and make connections through your RSO’s,” said Evans.

We are proud to call Matthew Evans an EPIC Student!

Written By: Blair Carver, Communication Coordinator