EPIC Spotlight: Ashley Grizzle

Ashley Grizzle is an EPIC Supply Chain Management student at the Sam M. Walton College of BusinessUniversity of Arkansas. She is a senior from Arlington, Texas, with a minor in marketing. She not only keeps herself busy in academia, but on campus as well!

Grizzle is an active member of Enactus, the Arkansas Supply Chain Association’s Vice President of Operations and a Volunteer Leader for Younglife of Fayetteville, primarily working with young girls. 

 Grizzle has a passion for pushing the next generation of women forward, and while she credits her empowering female advisors and professors, she admits she sets high standards for herself to leave a lasting legacy.

For Grizzle, it isn’t just about fostering strong young women, it’s about connecting with youth and making an impact in her community.

“Empathy can break barriers between people. Listening is a vital skill in a team-based environment.”

Continuous improvement led her to supply chain, although she admits initially, it was not at the forefront of her mind when coming to the U of A.

Her initial focus in marketing changed during her second semester of freshmen year when Dr. Marc Scott, a clinical assistant professor in the Department of Supply Chain Management, opened her eyes to diversity in the supply chain. Every aspect of business exists within the supply chain, which made the prospect of pursuing a supply chain management degree even more appealing to Grizzle. 

“It’s like a giant puzzle,” said Grizzle. “It’s so much fun putting the pieces together.”

Grizzle found how important it is to have efficiency in the supply chain after working for PetSmart as a Supply Chain intern. She worked intimately with their Vendor Management Team, presenting a network-wide defective inventory write-off system. 

 “You have to overcome your doubts and worries to move forward in anything,” said Grizzle. “I had to use the knowledge I had to make it work out in the final presentation.”

Her experiences in her internship and campus involvement have led Grizzle to a hopeful conclusion: there is room for everyone in the puzzle that is the supply chain. She enjoys making connections and helping others, whether it is mentoring young girls or tracking sales in a team. 

Grizzle advises incoming students to not turn down any opportunity that comes their way.

“Don’t let opportunities pass you by,” said Grizzle. “Show up and be present in that moment.” She admires people with the ability to meet others where they are currently at, as well as consistent resiliency in the face of tough situations. 

Currently, Grizzle is a Category Management Intern at The Hershey Company for the Walmart Seasons Team in Bentonville. Her tasks include tracking seasonal sales, analyzing trends and helping with seasonal planograms. 

Grizzle is a breath of fresh air in the supply chain department, and we are so happy to have her as an EPIC student! 

Written By: Blair Carver, Communication Coordinator, SCMRC