EPIC Spotlight: Meredith Chapman

Taking pause to enjoy the small moments in life is what sets apart people who want to fully engage in experiences outside of their comfort zone. Jumping back into the rigidness of academia can be challenging for those who choose to expand their worldview before settling into a college education.

However, Meredith Chapman makes the juggling act of being a mother, student, and wife appear effortless. As a global citizen, caring mother, and hard-working student, Chapman embodies what it means to work hard for the next generation moving forward. 

Not only does she produce results that impact her success, she sets an example for her son and incoming students as well.


“I want to prove to my son that getting an education is worth pursuing,” says Chapman. “It’s okay to fit in some life experience before continuing your education; it has been a huge part of my academic success.”

Originally, from Austin, Texas, Chapman thought she would stay in Texas to attend school. However, after comparing what the Sam M. Walton College of Business had to offer in terms of networking opportunities, she decided to start her education in Arkansas.

Before becoming a Razorback, she obtained her Associate’s Degree-Summa Cum Laude with Honors-from the Northwest Arkansas Community College. She gave a speech at her graduation from NWACC, having been chosen by the faculty of the Business Department as their Distinguished Graduate.

“After taking the Intro to Supply Chain course at NWACC, I realized being immersed in the supply chain field is where I am called to be,” says Chapman. “Problem-solving is my thing; I love to help people.”

Serving in volunteer organizations based on funding and supporting veterans has always weighed on Chapman’s heart. When she met her husband, a naval officer, she was able to take a more personable approach to the women in those organizations.


Her husband was stationed at Pearl Harbor when they met; four years later they were married on Lanikai Beach and continued their residency in Hawaii for thirteen years.

After their son was born, her husband took a job with Unilever in New Jersey and was then transferred to Arkansas.

“I was thirty-seven when I married my husband and forty when I had my son,” said Chapman. “It’s never too late to accomplish your goals and get what you want out of life.”

With twenty-five years of customer service experience, Chapman is eager to find a company that gives back to their community and positively impacts people. She says profit is important, of course and so is the company culture.

Understandably, then, Chapman leans towards customer service and forecasting in the supply chain, determining what the consumer needs and the best way to get it to them. She loves engaging with people and places, inside and outside of a professional environment.

She is looking for a dynamic career that will challenge her in a professional capacity. Chapman wants to engage in all parts of a business and to experience as much as she can during her time with a company.

“Teamwork is essential,” says Chapman. “Everyone brings different strengths to the table.”

Everyone’s experiences are vastly different; their contributions based on those experiences are vital in building a diverse future. Chapman indulges herself in travel, continually wanting to expand her worldview and meet new people.

From her honeymoon in Italy to participating in a photo safari in South Africa, Chapman doesn’t leave her adventures to just she and her husband; she has always made an effort to include her son in everything she does.


“I truly believe that travel is another form of education,” says Chapman. “I highly encourage everyone, young or old, to open their eyes to the world around them and to explore the endless opportunities available to them.”

With her diversified experiences, Chapman is continuously pushing to break down barriers between people. Active listening being a skill that comes naturally to Chapman, she finds common ground no matter the situation.

Meredith is an active member of the Arkansas Supply Chain Association (ASCA) and Women Impacting Supply Chain Excellence (WISE).

Her advice for incoming students: “Engage with the professors, student organizations, and the content of your courses as if you’re in a professional environment,” says Chapman. “What you’re learning in class right now will translate to real-world experiences, and you need to be fully equipped once you graduate college to leave a lasting impact with a company.”

Chapman is a continuous 4.0 student who will graduate December 2019. She is seeking a summer internship or full-time career in the Supply Chain industry where she can directly give back to the community.

Her son is currently enrolled at a charter school in Rogers that is focuses on the arts, hoping that one day he too will be a Razorback.

We are proud to call Meredith Chapman an EPIC student!

Written By: Blair Carver, Communication Coordinator, SCMRC