EPIC Spotlight: Fallon Freeman


Fallon Freeman is an upcoming graduate of the Sam M. Walton College of Business, finishing in May with a bachelor’s degree in International Business with a focus in Supply Chain, but she doesn’t intend on stopping there.


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After graduation, Freeman is taking her last trip with the Walton College traveling back to India with her peers and thesis advisor to study multinational corporations.

During a March visit, she studied women’s rights. She plans on coming back to work on an MBA, but Freeman wants a few years of “real world” experience before she does.

“I’ll be taking a job with Colgate in Illinois come fall,” said Freeman. “The company has a lot of international opportunities, and I never want to stop traveling.

Her drive to expand her worldview roots itself in her multicultural family, her mother being half Thai and half German. Freeman works to understand her heritage not by solely studying the history, but immersing herself in it.

Over winter break this past year, she backpacked over Southeast Asia with her friends, covering five countries: Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Bali and the Philippines.

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“Vietnam’s culture stood out the most to me because tourist traffic hasn’t affected their way of living like in other countries I’ve been to,” said Freeman. “Bali’s jungles were so diverse and the Philippines I would love to revisit.”

Being close with her friends is a priority, as she was the first to go Greek in her family and pledge to Kappa Kappa Gamma. Freeman is a recipient of the Marisol Scholarship on a national level through the Kappa foundation. She was one of three people nationwide to be chosen as a finalist in March of her sophomore year and became a winner in May after an extensive phone interview with the board.

“My rent and tuition were covered my junior year,” said Freeman. “Kappa Kappa Gamma is truly a blessing and I don’t have a clue what I would do without the friends I made.”

Freeman came into college not knowing what to do, but her love for travel influenced her decision to narrow down her interests to international business. Terry Esper’s Introduction to Supply Chain pushed her to focus on supply chain management.

“I love the mixture of math and real-life problem solving. Working with numbers and creating practical solutions is important to me.”

This past summer Freeman was a merchandising intern at Walmart. Later during the fall semester, Freeman took on a customer development internship with Colgate, switching over to business analytics. She always wants to learn how to do new things, professionally and leisurely.

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“My hobbies change all the time,” said Freeman. “One year it’s running, the next, it’s reading or traveling.”

With Kappa Kappa Gamma, she and several other girls went and read to Washington Elementary School classes during her freshman year.

Currently, Freeman volunteers with the ReCess program at New Heights in Fayetteville, working with children who fall on the scale for autism spectrum disorder. She began during her sophomore year at the University of Arkansas.

“The Walton college helped me discover what I wanted to,” said Freeman. “I never knew how capable I was until I was pushed to do the best and then better, again and again.”

Resilient in her work ethic, Freeman puts herself through school and has been since she entered college. Even with her scholarship, she held two jobs. Currently, she works at Colgate and dedicates herself to graduating and moving into a full-time position.

“Putting myself through school has taught me to have more faith in God and in myself,” said Freeman. “I try to be better a better version of myself than the day before to keep myself going.”

Her advice to incoming students: “Don’t be afraid to do things that scare you. It’s more often than not that it turns into the best decisions you could have made. You end up getting out of your comfort zone, and opening up your mindset.”

We are proud to call Fallon Freeman an EPIC Student!

Written By: Blair Carver, Communication Coordinator, SCMRC