EPIC Spotlight: Eric Hardage


Eric Hardage is a senior graduating in December 2019, focusing on finance with a concentration in real estate and supply chain management. Originally from Dallas, his background in supply chain begins with his father who owns J&C Investments and Hardage Properties.


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“I enjoy the application side of a business,” said Hardage. “I love finding properties, comparing them to other locations, and finding the best deal.”

Hardage has been in management at J&C Investments since he began college at the University of Arkansas. He plays a role in operating management at Hardage Properties as well, but he has only held that position since last April. Hardage has built a portfolio through his father’s businesses that are not only impressive but well earned.

“My father has impacted my work ethic in ways that I can’t even begin to thank him for,” says Hardage. “I was raised with logistics essentially in my bedtime stories.”

Last summer, Hardage interned at Colliers International. He went through contracts, made quotes and estimated what property would be worth. Hardage also went on site to take photos of properties, speak with realtors and take square foot calculations.

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“I can’t do a cubicle job,” said Hardage. “I love managing multiple projects at one time and being able to be a part of those projects.”

His Transportation and Distribution Management class was his favorite for that reason, addressing and solving trucking issues in the industry with a team of fellow peers. Using his first-hand knowledge from his father’s business, Hardage found ways to improve driver shortage. His favorite professor, Dr. Thomas, advocates for his success and acts as a resource for mobility in shaping his resume.

“The Walton College allows you to network outside of your classes too,” said Hardage. “Their networking breakfasts and the relationships I’ve held with past professors allow me to expand in ways I didn’t expect.”

When he isn’t networking, Hardage enjoys hunting, fishing, and the outdoors. Hardage went pheasant hunting last December in Kansas and plans on fishing in New Orleans this month. His love for the outdoors leads him to do volunteer work, cleaning up Evergreen Cemetery seasonally with his fraternity, Pi Kappa Alpha.

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“Being involved in your community runs deeper than simply being a part of it. Providing solutions is what I strive for.”

Hardage involves himself outside of Greek life as well, immersing himself in the Arkansas Supply Chain Association and actively participating in events. He advises incoming freshman to commit themselves as well and take advantage of the opportunities available on campus.

“My freshman year was tough to get through because I didn’t have my network and I wasn’t working hard,” said Hardage. “I find myself asking ‘How would the person I want to be be doing the things I’m about to do?’ towards the end of my undergraduate years now.”

Through his hard work, we are proud to call Eric Hardage an EPIC Supply Chain Student!

Written By; Blair Carver, Communication Coordinator, SCMRC