EPIC Spotlight: Braden Weber


Meet Braden Weber, a senior in the supply chain management program at the Sam M. Walton College of Business. Initially studying at University of North Carolina at Charlotte for a Bachelor’s degree in marketing (and acting as his school’s mascot), Weber transferred to the Walton College two years ago to move closer to his family.

His introductory course to the supply chain with Dr. Thomas inspired him to switch from marketing to a supply chain degree.


“Marketing is very creative and teaches you to connect with customers, but in the supply chain, you’re taking those skills and optimizing your client’s time, money and resources.”

However, before switching, Weber held a marketing internship at the Center for Multicultural and Diversity Education office at the University of Arkansas. He grew Instagram traffic for videos by over 500% during his time there, along with developing engaging content for multiple social media platforms.

“Since being at the Walton College, I have built such a strong network that will surpass my time here, including long-lasting relationships with professors and business professionals,” said Weber. “My connections will really make a difference after graduation.”

Weber’s campus involvement proves that learning the art of connecting with people makes an impact that not only benefits the community but your changes your perspective as well. He began as a small group leader for Cross Church, facilitating Bible studies with men in college and challenging people to step outside of their comfort zone when studying their faith.

Weber took his leap twice; in 2017, serving on the Hurricane Harvey Relief Team with Team Rubicon and again on a mission trip a year later to Guadalajara, Mexico.


“I have a passion for connecting with others and helping where I can,” said Weber. “Kindness and compassion have an ever-lasting impact, and these opportunities have opened my eyes to the reality that anyone can make a difference.”

Currently, he resides as the Vice President of Communications for the Arkansas Supply Chain Association and collaborates with a team of officers to develop creative content. Until January of this year, he was also involved in the 360 Peer Mentor program and served as a mentor for eight first-year students at the University of Arkansas. Weber can multi-task his campus and professional involvement effortlessly.

His class involvement has been memorable in Walton College, his favorite memory being the social innovation project he was able to work on with Dr. Garcia. Weber and his classmates developed a waste diversion plan for the city of Fayetteville and connected with WalmartRockline Industries and the City of Fayetteville during his research period.


 “Dr. Garcia reinforces that you have to push yourself daily to be a better version of yourself than you were yesterday,” said Weber. “He inspires me to be more involved in my community.”

His advice for incoming students: do what you want and be who you want to be. Be open to change and social innovation. Know your worth; you don’t need to be good at everything, but being passionate about what you are good at will go a long way.

We are happy to call Braden Weber an EPIC student!

Written By: Blair Carver, Communication Coordinator, SCMRC