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Attend the 2017 Trends in Technology Conference

This year's conference will showcase the future landscape of retail with insight from today's industry leaders on how the current generation of shoppers are dictating constant change from the supply chain to the last mile of delivery.


Date and Location

Wednesday, April 26, 2017 | 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
John Q. Hammons Center
3303 South Pinnacle Hills Parkway
Rogers, Arkansas

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Brigid McDermott 

Brigid McDermott | Vice President of Blockchain Business Development, IBM

Brigid McDermott started her career with IBM in 2006. Currently, Ms. McDermott is the Vice President of Blockchain Business Development and Ecosystems. In this role, Ms. McDermott is responsible for developing and managing all ecosystem and partner relationships around IBM’s innovation in Blockchain. Formerly, Ms. McDermott was Vice President of Corporate Strategy where she was responsible for defining the IBM strategic vision and execution plans for selected services and solutions.

Jamie Iannone 

Jamie Iannone | President and CEO,

Jamie Iannone began his current e-commerce leadership role with in 2014. He brings a wealth of insight into accelerating online growth and enhancing Sam’s Club members’ ability to shop anytime, anywhere. Jamie is evolving along the company’s vision of becoming the technology format for the next generation of shopper.

Mark Wallace 

Mark Wallace | Senior Vice President, Global Engineering and Sustainability, UPS

Mark Wallace began his UPS career in 1986 in Arizona as an engineering specialist and driver. Today he is responsible for driving UPS's broad spectrum of industry-leading sustainability programs and initiatives in 220 countries. Mark is also a member of the UPS Management Committee, a group of senior executives responsible for the company’s strategic direction. He previously served as president of UPS Supply Chain Solutions, where he led the company’s global contract logistics operations.

Blake Woolsey 

Linda Dillman |  former CIO, QVC

Linda Dillman brings a first-hand look into the future of retail, specifically when digital retail does not have the brick and mortar support or presence. Her understanding of how this plays into the customer experience, as well as the direct impact on supply chain/reverse logistics, will be invaluable to suppliers and retailers alike.

Allan Martinson 

Allan Martinson | COO, Starship Technologies

Allan makes sure that things happen. He runs Starship's operations, marketing and public affairs. He is a multi-tasker who can rapid-fire e-mails, write commercial agreements and work his contacts over phone – all at the same time. A serial entrepreneur, experienced manager and venture investor, Allan has built over 10 companies in his 26 years of career

Rix Ryskamp 

Rix Ryskamp | CEO and Founder, useAIble

Rix is a life-long entrepreneur and inventor. He has over 20 years of experience as a business owner in technology and other industries. He has several patents in his name and has been developing software for over 25 years. His continued commitment to innovation shows in the companies he creates and the products he invents.

Blake Woolsey 

Blake Woolsey | Executive Vice President, Mitchell Communications Group

As leader of Mitchell, Blake uses her strong leadership and collaboration skills, coupled with a broad knowledge of the industry to help clients achieve their goals. She is responsible for oversight of three teams: Hyper-Local Activation, Creative and the Center for Training, Business and Leadership Excellence. In her role, she works closely with global brands to become a part of their local communities through hyper-local activations.